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David Hamel (1924-2007) spent over 30 years of his life seeking to understand the ancient physics of what he considered to be "Perpetual motion. Creation physics."
Supposedly, the "3 cone device" or "3CD" gives forth the principle of perpetual motion via 3-body interaction physics to the zero point energy field via the usage of duality/magnetism and of vibration. Chaos physics induced through 3-body interactions. Chaos induced to provide runaway conditions of acceleration in the apparatus. A method of 'straining the aether' through torsion field interactions through magnetism and extreme vibration.



Ancient Historical Origin

The physics are presumed to be encoded into worldwide ancient sites. Most noteably, Giza plateau, stonehenge, Teotihuacan and others. It was considered to be Atlanteian in origin. Remnants of a once high society (higher than ours currently). A direct reference in heiroglyphs would be the Holy Djed or the Osiris pillar. The Thoth Emerald tablets also reveal an importance towards this technology. This technology being outside of our historical understandings of science and nature.
Using sacred geometry or the geometry of nature in the designing of apparatus' (cone shapes, or PI involved, curved geometry) which in operation displays an unusual function outside of established technologies of today, which are mostly axial rotational driven/solid state etc. Sacred geometry occuring in all sorts of ancient sites worldwide, it is a marker for an earlier/previous civilization of high magnitude achievements. This is not world known and is hard to prove without technology such as the Hamel 3CD. The 3CD makes clear of the actual usage of this geometry.
The usage of sacred geometry is a misunderstood aspect of natural science of today. It has a much greater usage than known widely by today's populace. It belongs to the science of zero point energy and energy extraction. Also, a form of black hole and white hole creation physics through vibration. Another label also being "Creation Physics".


  • Project Galaxy Trinity - David has been given a message. He must build a galactical spaceship. (57 second mark)
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