Thursday, March 03, 2016

the number of superposed axis of spin (of charge)-called DIMENSIONS- is limited by the number of harmonics which can be superposed non-destructively (perfected by golden ratio phase conjugation) - thus dna has the potential for max number of dimensions: 3spin cube- tilts 32 degrees/ rotates embeds in 4d dodec- which wratchets down helical stair -( 5D)- which is the thread which is DNA geometrically ( animations: ) - then that 5d thread- is braided recursively 7 times (codefined by the 7 spin symmetry axes of the tetra ) - from thread- to string -to rope- to fat rope- ultimately if massively phase conjugate / implosive and embeddable- to toroidal dna - thus SEVEN spins outside- FIVE spins inside - total TWELVE dimensions in DNA- which in *bliss induced- climax state is phase conjugate / charge implosive / and gravity making (psychokinetic ) - real meaning of ensoulment- -'may the force be with you luke..

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