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The thunderbolt of Zeus or Vajra

The “Great Mystery” of the Delphic E

It was brought to my attention by the gods and by my own intuition and visions that someone, and maybe a number of people, is projecting a symbol onto me known as ‘the double E’ or the ‘the double Epsilon’. So because of these revelations I began to research the symbol itself, even though I totally rejected this whole false construction of the supposed ‘Epsilon Team’ of the Greeks. From the very first impression I had upon learning about them I rejected it mainly because of their racist doctrine which contradicts the ancient teachings at a very deep level and with my understanding and my inner programming-software.

The double Epsilon belief system is not something archaic and has nothing to do with the initiation system of the Greeks and it is based on false foundations and just keeps growing like a paper tower that will collapse from the first wind.
I initially considered this falsity as something innocent that couldn’t do much harm, but Apollo himself had other opinion about it, and now I am receiving a message that the symbol they are using is like a shadow seal that can cause damage to everyone it is projected onto if they do not know how or have the power to reverse it.
I believe that we are speaking about another very harmful projection of the dark brotherhood that is combined with fake channeling’s about aliens and other falsities that can block and redirect energies into their false matrix with the aim to keep people away from the gods and to hijack their free will into their own manipulative projections.
I decided to hold council with Hermes/Thoth this time to ask them the questions I had regarding the double Epsilon symbol and what they answered is as follows:
Hermes/Thoth: “Everything is duality, everything is the opposite, yet the goal is to bring male and female to face each other, not to look away from one another.
The way that they are projecting away from each other symbolizes, in truth, the separation of the joining together of the divine masculine and feminine when the direction should be vertical so that it mirrors as above so below.
As the thunderbolt, it acts as a conductor and an amplifier; a receiver and a sender. It receives celestial energy from above and channels it to Earth.
The symbol of Odin and how Marduk holds the thunderbolt is closer to the correct way of using it. It is wielded by the King of the gods to project the consciousness of the divine plan to Earth.
It is a tool that creates, builds, erects and manifests. It is a symbol that the gods are connected and one with humanity. But it is not an epsilon; it is a constellation and this symbol was not created by humans but another species.
To believe that this symbol would only be one letter in an alphabet is incorrect. There is a constellation that is connected with Delphi and which is also connected with the Sun and the sun god Apollo. Remember where the Pleiadians said that you were from?”
Theophilos: “Cassiopeia.”
Hermes/Thoth: “Correct. Cassiopeia reflects upon Delphi and its energies are controlled by Apollo which is how it is connected to the sun.”
Theophilos: “What is the connection of the Pisces symbol with the double epsilon?”
Hermes/Thoth: “The fish is a symbol of the Christ manifestations such as Apollo and Jesus. Which is why is it not ‘epsilon’ but the double trident or if you prefer, ‘PSI’.”
After this message and after sharing it with Helen, we were baffled and started researching for about possible connections between the Cassiopeia constellation, Delphi and Apollo, and we found that the messages I had channeled had been confirmed by the following:
“Cassiopeia was in the right place and the right time and had the right shape to be considered as an Epsilon by later Greeks.
For a few centuries the constellation Cassiopeia (a perfect Greek Epsilon) showed up at Dawn on the day of the Northern Summer Solstice, directly overhead at the sacred site of Delphi.
The loss of this tradition may be explained by the precession of the equinoxes slowly making it irrelevant to the Seasons and Festivals.”
We didn’t expect to find so clear explanation of this “big mystery” about the Delphic E and now we just wonder why this has been kept a secret from these people.
There are no archaeological evidence of a double E in Delphi and I doubt if anyone beyond Plutarch even mentioned it, but it makes no difference to me if the ancients created a falsity based on the Cassiopeia symbol and the thunderbolt of Zeus that is NOT a double E, since if you start counting their falsities you may need more than a lifetime to record them all.
Neither can we or our sources be sure about the origins of this symbol. The ancients could have even mistaken this as a double E based on the 8 pointed star that can also be found in the Sumerian artifacts.
This is the 8 pointed star of the Sumerians that looks like a double E but it is NOT:

Here is the thought pattern that could make the ancients think that this is a double E.

The same 8 pointed star can be found also in Minoan artifacts like this:

If this is a double E and not an 8 pointed star what the line in the middle has to do with it anyway?
They could even base this at the 8 pointed Star of the Babylonian sun god Shamash that looked like this:

The thunderbolt of Zeus or Vajra can be also considered double PSI just as Apollo originally said to us, because the right position of this is for it to point up and down (as above so below), and not right and left, and this has no meaning whatsoever just as Hermes told us in the above message.
Here is god Indra holding the thunderbolt-Vajra:

Here is Vajra the weapon of the thunder god:

Here is Bel Marduk (the original thunder god connected with the planet Jupiter) holding his thunderbolt:

Here is god Zeus-Jupiter holding the same weapon:

Here is the symbol of Odin:

In truth it doesn’t make any difference which letter is used anyway; it is a double trident from where the symbol PSI probably came. Letters were constructed by images (hieroglyphics-pictographs) and not the opposite.
The real Phoebus is coming with the real Andromedans and all the allied alien races under the flag of the Cosmic Christ and under the flag of unity and NOT under the flag of Greece, or under the flag of an imaginary galactic Greek culture that they claim to be the source of all cultures of the universe.
All cultures, alien and human, are a product of synthesis and there is no culture alone that can solve all the problems of the universe.
These racist, ignorant and arrogant people that are projecting these unbelievable falsities are one step away from the mental hospital and not enlighten by any means.
Even when you prove to them that the Greek tradition adapted the learning’s from the Egyptian tradition, they will tell you that the gods of the Egyptians were Greeks!!! If you go even before and explain to them that all the mystery schools and all the Greek knowledge was based on and taken from the Babylonian Mysteries, they deny it, and they cant even fit in their minds that there was not a Greek language, neither in Egypt or Babylon. Even historians like Herodotus and Diogenes Laertius explained that the Greek traditions came from Eastern beliefs and teachings.
Even the newest student of the mysteries can see this reality and how the Babylonian Ishtar became the Greek Venus, for example, where the myth and the tradition of Venus and Adonis originated from the story of Inanna and Dumuzid, and even the ancients traced this reality back to this story, without the means we have today to trace the cultural influences. It is even simpler to find and understand that Cyprus (the country that Helen and I live in) was the island of Astarte (the Phoenician name of Ishtar) long before it became the island of Venus and adopted her Greek version.
They use this double E theory of Plutarch but they skip him when he explains that all the traditions have the same gods who are culturally dressed by the nations.
They believe themselves to be gods; they worship the created and not the creators, and they have an imaginary belief that they have a divine birth that authorizes them the right to rule the world like the prototypes of this madness that was and still are the Jews.
In reality, they just worship and admire themselves like narcissists and they have no respect, neither for all the other world traditions and neither for the ancient Greek tradition. They try to steal the glory of the ancients and they also humiliate them in the process, because there is no one that is correctly informed to take them seriously.
These people may claim that we are against the Greeks (against ourselves? We are also Greek, even if these people consider only themselves to be ‘original’ Greeks, causing thunderous laughter) because we do not accept their falsities, but anyone can understand that this is not truth and we are the first to claim that the long awaited Solar King will be born as a Greek and he will be a reincarnation of Alexander the Great who was, for us, an incarnation of Zeus, known as Amur Ra in the Egyptian tradition and as Marduk by the Babylonians. Even the symbol of Esophoria was given to us by Lord Thoth/Hermes, as it shows the rising of the Vergina Sun above the pyramid and a thunderbolt descending from the heavens and touching the earth, suggesting the thunder of Zeus in all creation.
The Esophoria symbol given to us by Thoth/Hermes:

The symbol-weapon we hold and raise is the thunderbolt of Indra/Marduk/Zeus and not a double E meaning nothing more in reality than turning against your self and expanding polarization, where this reality can be easily traced and analyzed in the manifested reality, on how these people create a nationalistic ego based polarization within the formed world of polarization and illusion (Maya).
This people are seriously deluded as I have witnessed and experienced their treatment regarding incidents where they felt that I criticized some of the Greek traditions. I concluded from my observations that if anyone come into contact with them and questions their beliefs it is more than possible that they would immediately consider them to be an enemy of Greece and the universal Hellenism (we discovered one but it has NOTHING to do with their monstrous falsities) and you may hear from the most respected among them say things like, “Everything good in the universe is Greek.” or even “the sun is Greek.” (Which I must admit I find hilarious) and they wait for the solar storm to be empowered by the sun and not get burned. lol
This whole construction is a ridiculous new age religion that has reached the limits of stupidity and insanity. Until the Apollo channeling, I was seeing them as just a misinformed people and considered them to be just innocent and maybe even heroic in their efforts to honour the ancients, but it seems like there are deeper issues than what the hilarious surface reveals.
This whole Epsilon falsity is a creation of the dark brotherhood which aims to block divine channels and keep people enslaved in the false matrix and maybe I will deal with this more in the future.
Like one of the most important (if not the most) creators of this, Mr. Fourakis, said before he died:
“All this Hellenocentrism is a big lie. The people that started and spread this are all masons and frauds, including me.”
Please know that we have nothing against the Free Masons in general, we do not believe that all the masons have the same beliefs and use the same methods, we are simply quoting him for teaching purposes.
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Note: After this research we now have a better understanding of what Apollo meant by saying double PSI and not double E. The PSI is looking up and so the double PSI is looking up and down (as above, so below). Like we can see in the artifacts of Dogon:

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