Monday, November 23, 2015

Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 17 November 2015
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Fake France Terror Attack Victim Sophie Doran Exposed as Rothschild Agent
Regarding the Bataclan theater attack hoax in Paris, France, it is said that an individual named Sophie Doran was right there and was a victim of the attack. However, it is never said that she was wounded.
Doran, a native of Melbourne, Australia, is now resident in Paris. Where is she, now? She wasn’t wounded. Was she placed on an extended vacation?

A perfect hoaxer she has the attitude for it, as well as the multiplicity of necessary connections.
For someone in her high position this is not bespeaking of the quality image she needs. Here father confirmed the hoax, being completely indifferent to the event, falsifying the information in his various interviews. Claiming he is not an Islamophobe, nevertheless, he does target them, holding them responsible for terror attacks they never committed (because they never occurred).
Per ABC News: Mr Doran said his daughter told him she and her friend hid under the backs of the chairs and pretended to be dead for about half an hour until police arrived.
NOTE: Why are there no images of Doran amongst the various crisis actors who are said to be the fleeing wounded?
“It was a horrible thing, but I’m just pleased my daughter’s alive, my sympathies go out to those people whose daughters and sons and brothers aren’t alive.”
Doran is exceptionally positioned, working as a high-level individual for Luxury Hospitality.
It can be no coincidence that she is in the PR business and, as well, is involved in the media circus of this hoax.
See the nature of the Luxury entities; it all ties to the most powerful people of the arch-Zionist France-based cabal:
The Luxury entities are run, possibly owned, by Iranian Jew David Sadigh:
Sadigh is directly associated with the leader of the Zionist movement, Edmond de Rothschild:

There can be no doubt that Sadigh is a Zionist agent, an agent of the Mossad:
Even so, he could be a mere front for the Rothschild clique, as they are likely the primary agents of the Luxury companies:
Notice the involvement of Doran at this level. Clearly, she was selected for the role by her superiors, both Sadigh and those above him, perhaps Rothschild himself. After all, it is the Rothschild cabal which perpetrated the Charlie Hebdo hoax; that cabal owns the paper and did profit massively from the fake in the nature of increased newspaper revenues.
See who the CEO of Doran’s company is associated with in the Luxury Hospitality events. It is none other than Bertrand Otto, managing director, Rothschild’s wine-growing entities:

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