Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What does Toshihiro Shirakawa's 144x144 magic square of 7th powers imply about the decimal value of pi?

I just discovered that Toshihiro Shirakawa in September 2013, created a 144x144 magic square of 7th powers that results in a 52 digit magic number:


which are the first 52 digits of PI !

It seems to me that such a coincidence implies that PI is not a random series of numbers, but a complicated medley of interconnected values.

Consider that his 144x144 magic square is the smallest possible square of 7th powers (and voila, PI appears).

How would you describe his finding, and should this somewhat change our perspective on PI's decimal sequence?  Also, if its first 52 decimals appear within this magic square, can an even greater number of its decimals be found in a larger magic square?

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