Thursday, June 25, 2015

Is'nt it odd that when one leaves the CO$ and starts talking to people in other groups not related to Scn that many of them have been working along similar lines,and infact sometimes it is only the terminology that is different.
This is what i observed when i started studying radionics.(radionics is a method of diagnosis and treatment at a distance which uses specially designed instrumentation)
I was quite amazed to find they had an "entity theory" complete with several techniques to locate and handle them!
It was a Dr Wallace F.Macnaughton who is mainly accredited for this discovery in radionics around 1965.
Radionics was going through a huge paradigm change during the 1960's (which is still going on) mainly through the researches of Dr David Tansley, and a British mathematician Malcolm Rae.
Up until the sixties radionics had been primarily involved with diagnosing and treating the meat body a practitioner would analyse the state of say the left kidney or the optic chiasma for example, but Tansley especially who had studied eastern philosophy extensively,postulated that it would make far more sense to diagnose and treat the beings subtle anatomy systems( etheric, astral, and mental bodies along with the major and minor chakra systems etc etc)
The above tech proved to be considerably more effective than the old physical system (but it was not without opposition from the die hards).
What is interesting however is that Macnaughton was finding whilst doing anaysis on some of his patient's etheric energy transducers (chakras)
was that some of the readings he was getting were very odd they were masking certain chakra functions.
Eventually he managed to isolate the problem he discovered the existence of what seemed to be some form of parasitic life forms that were able to attach themselves to the major chakras in small numbers and consequently cause a lot of problems within the clients endocrine system, they also were found in far larger numbers inhabiting the minor chakras but these seemed to effect less force on the physical system infact they were often dormant.
Macnaughton originally called these entities "elementaries" but the name was soon changed to "activated shells" because it was assumed that these entities were most likely not actual beings like ourselves but infact "spiritual debrise" caused by beings discarding their "astral bodies" which retained a certain amount sentiency and primitive intelligence left behind by the thetan.
Dr Macnaughton stressed that: "activated shells can enter any one of the seven major chakras either singly or in small groups" and "they enter more easily an individual who has established a low emotional level"
It is also accepted by many practioners that not all of these" activated shells" are discarded astral bodies indeed some are actual posessing entities and these can be quite dramatic and tough to remove in some cases especially if they are reeking havoc with the client , communication does help in such cases rather than medieval exorcism.
Spiritual debris such as psuedo sentient activated shells far outnumber actual sentient posessing entities and apparently the only reason they attach themselves to our subtle anatomy is to "survive" otherwise they naturally disintergrate with time (you could say they are bioplasmic degradable!).
There a number of radionic treatments aimed at removing entities and activated shells often based around the practitioners tried and tested individual treatment procedure's (there are no draconian laws in radionics stating the practioner has to use this or that method the subject as taught by the radionics association in England is a fairly standard tech but having got the basic groundwork in order most eventually tailor the system to their own developed methodology).
Basically the technique i use is to:
a)locate the entity
b)determine the entities rate(frequency)
c)project a specially designed geometric pattern coupled
the entities individual rate and location.
The above works well for me it may vacate first time but more often it takes several projections.
Radionics has had like Scientology plenty of mud thrown at it infact some of its earlier practitioners were even jailed and plenty of instruments have been smashed up by the FDA's hammers, it is still illegal in the US (though widely practiced)
One of radionics major problems is that it was discovered by accident by a Dr Albert Abrahams (a prominent neurologist) and up until recently there has been no real explanation has to how it actually works, with the advent of modern physics however and the discovery of "non locality"as a principle things fall into place a lot easier( The holographic universe: Micheal Talbot )
Remember in radionics the client is usually not present during diagnosis, and treatment instead the practitioner uses a hair or blood sample as a link to the client who could well be 10000 miles away!
Each body part and subtle anatomy component has its own individual rate or frequency. and these systems are accessed by the combined use of purpose built radionic instruments in combination with dowsing (actually you can use an e meter with solo cans for this, its amazing when you see you are picking up the clients reads as you do their analysis and he just happens to be in Outer Mongolia!)
Well thats about it, i always think how much better it would be if various groups were prepared to work together there must be mountains of information that can be shared.

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