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Much of what we know today in medicine derives from ancient Egyptian sources. We have even appropriated one of their most enduring symbols, the Eye of Horus, since simplified into the enigmatic signature 'Rx' which appears on all doctors' prescriptions

But there is also one other thing we borrowed: the ability to locate sites potent in Earth energy upon which to build the foundations of sacred sites. Modern techniques capable of detecting subtle energies now show how sacred sites are rich in electro-magnetic frequencies and ultrasound, and that such vibrations influence the human body, particularly its capacity to heal.

Throughout the world there survives a rich tradition of healing in association with ancient temples, particularly sacred springs, which later became holy wells. Indeed, modern experiments show how the water taken from such places has greater vorticular motion, and how it is able to hold higher frequencies of light.

This tradition is now augmented by the discovery that the very same principles and subtle energies found at sacred sites also exist in genuine crop circles. And twenty years of accumulated data, as well as empirical and anecdotal evidence shows that people are experiencing healings and altered states of awareness in connection with both.

I have been sharing much of this knowledge with thousands of people in my lectures around the world, and I have been constantly asked how it would be possible to experience these healing potentials without having to travel to see a crop circle or a sacred site. Being a practical being, my response to the ever-increasing demand for self-help, was to simply bring these temples to you. Welcome to the Crop Circles Resonance Cards.


The system I have devised is based on years of accumulated personal experience, and that of practitioners in alternative therapies (which were mainstream before the onset of the modern medical syndicate). It combines several practises that I have seen work on people over the years.

Originally designed for use in radionics devices, the card system is now used in applied kinesiology, resonance therapy, even chakra balancing. It has also been noted that, by placing spring water on the patterns, the energy appears to code the water itself, enabling for homeopathic application.

Dowsing genuine crop circles has revealed a number of organized energy systems, including the radial line patterns which form the basis of the Malcolm Rae radionics system. Since it has been discovered that crop circles exhibit electro-magnetic properties, and geometries which are founded on the principles of sound, it is believed that the frequencies and harmonics inherent in the designs are capable of influencing the human vibratory field, right down to its sub-atomic level. Such principles were used throughout ancient cultures to heal or alter states of awareness, and are today enshrined in the Buddhist mandalas and the designs of ancient temples.

And they are also present in genuine crop circles, either encoded, in their relative energy fields, or in their visible geometry.


Essentially, crop circles are visible expressions of energy forms, and these forms are conscious and vibratory by nature. The Institute of Resonance Therapy in Germany discovered, over a decade ago, that unadulterated photos of crop circles contained a code that systems in distress required to rejuvenate themselves. Simply put, each crop circle acts as a piece of 'software' that tells the 'hard drive' of a biological system how to rebuild itself. By applying the image in a specially designed machine it was possible to send healing to any system in distress– a person, a tree, a forest, a river – and the results of the work performed by IRT were scientifically monitored each time. The Institute's work was welcomed by the Austrian government which allowed the Institute to apply its techniques throughout Europe to places suffering from ecological imbalance, with incredibly positive results.

Essentially, institutes such as IRT, and DeLaWarr in the UK, were using the age-old technique of radionics, or remote healing, where energies and symbols containing a code are transmitted at a distance to systems in distress.

To some degree, the memory of the code is stored in a symbol or a photo.

Since original, anadulterated photos of genuine crop circles are hard to obtain, I decided to apply the identical system used in these radionic therapies by storing the information on simulator cards, with symbols that bore an accurate energy imprint of their original designs in the fields. And because the symbols are activated at source, no complex or expensive machinery is now required to operate them— you can simply work the symbols by hand and take them wherever you need.

To date, I have received or witnessed cases where people correctly applying these symbols have been cured of retinal cancer, arthritis, and one gentleman who, following my lecture, placed his hand over some of the cards and stopped smoking. To this day he has had no need to stick a cigarette back in his mouth.


For a couple of years the cards were used and tested using dowsing, and by the incredible case reports my colleagues and I received from people who'd worked with the Resonance Card system. That is until I discovered the work of Konstantin Korotkov in Russia. Dr. Korotkov is a pioneer is bioenergy fields and has developed a sensitive device that is capable of measuring a person's biophoton energy field to pin-point deficiencies and illnesses. His work is now found worldwide.

I was offered a test of this device, which accurately showed deficiencies in my body which were only known to myself. Impressed, Dr. Korotkov offered to test these Resonance Cards to see if a residual energy field could be transferred from a crop circle— as I had been claiming— and measured.

I thus presented his affiliate in New Mexico, Mr. Madapa, with two sets of cards. One set was normal, the other had been activated in my office (this procedure will remain confidential to prevent people who may wish to abuse this system). When teh results of the tests were revealed, a very excited Mr. Madapa concluded that indeed one set of cards was energetically different to the other. As he wrote: "A glass of water was placed on each card for 10 minutes. Then, continuous static images 3 seconds apart were captured [by the equipment] and a total of 20 images per test were made."

"It was observed that there was a measurable increase in corona brighteness eminating from the device during testing. The following data analysis shows a statistical difference between the tested sample and the control sample."

In other words, the 'charged' cards showed a clear distinction in energy retention compared to the normal cards, illustrating that the energy from the original crop circles was transferred to the cards.

I personally went through some 900 designs in the database and asked which would form the basis of a system to provide optimum health. This 49-card pack features a cross section of those crop circles most suited for that purpose.

Each may be used according to the intuitive notion of the person administrating the healing, but results show that they work best when the dis-eased person chooses the symbol that is most appropriate for themselves. In essence the person is choosing healing by locating a geometry that its biological system recognizes, and will best assist in bringing itself back into equilibrium.

Each symbol is replicated from the original crop circle as accurately as possible, and energetically linked to the original pattern. The cards are also hand-made, therefore I am very conscious of the process from start to finish..

Please use these responsibly, and always with the intent ‘for the highest good of all’. Positive intent is the most powerful key in healing, and it is the trigger that activates these symbols. The work of the Japanese water scientist Masaro Emoto demonstrates this principle very clearly.

These cards can be used in Homeopathy and other water coding procedures, Applied Kinesiology, in Radionics devices and other radiesthesia techniques. And possibly many more.

A deeper, more thorough background to this research and Earth energy connections can be found in my book, Secrets In The Fields, in the chapter 'The Dragon Awakes'.


It is important to remember that healing is a personal choice, and only the individual knows–at a subconscious level–that which is in its best interests. If you think about it, being sick can be a form of healing, for the patient may require the experience in order to overcome a personal obstacle. As an extreme example, death can also be seen as a form of healing. Not to be alarmist, but this fact is pointed out to make aware the scope of healing in its greater context, from a Universal point of view.

In any case, the person working with the cards should not attach any outcome or emotional response during the above processes, because it is the patient who carries the essence of the choice they wish to make in terms of their well being.

It is also worth stressing that, by the laws of attraction, one will not draw into one's existence that which it is not in the best interests of self. If you do not receive the result you want it is because of two possible scenarios:

a) it was not in your highest interests to receive that experience, or
b) you attached an expectation to the outcome, and that expectation originated from the ego (desire) not the Soul (knowing).
That's how the Universe works.

I must also stress that these cards, or crop circles or any other temple for that matter, do NOT heal. They are not a panacea, a cure-all, or some device of divine intervention that will just solve everyone's problems. That's not how life works. However, they do contain delivery mechanism, a particular residual energy or code that brings natural systems back into balance. It is up to the individual or the organism to CHOOSE to be healed. In other words, nothing is going to be done for you– YOU have to make the conscious and subconscious decision to enter into an agreement with another vibratory field— in this case a crop circle energy form. Only if and when those two vibratory fields are aligned in both intent and purpose can a sympathetic resonance be established, a transfer of information begins, and balancing can take place. This is a fundamental Universal law, and it is there to respect your free-will.

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