Saturday, June 20, 2015

By Freddy Silva
Much evidence exists supporting the presence of a grid of energy that criss-crosses the entire globe. This energy is electromagnetic in nature and essentially forms streams of positive or negatively-charged lines that wind their way through the landscape like waves, which from afar appear to be almost linear. These telluric currents (often confused with geometric alignments called ley lines) were known to, and accepted by, ancient cultures: some called them dragon lines, fairy paths, lung mei, etc.
When two currents intersect, a node point is created. At these special points the ancients built oracles, structures of enduring quality marking the place where the earth energy could be used to influence the human body, itself a collection of electromagnetic frequencies. These sacred sites are today called stone circles, tumuli, long barrows, dolmens, menhirs, cairns, temples and pyramids, and they were usually constructed with gigantic slabs of rock, high in quartz, itself also a conductor of energy; later, Christian popes ordered the building of churches upon these 'pagan' sites to utilize the same beneficial effects. Our Gothic cathedrals are one such stunning example, where sacred geometry was coded into the monuments to further amplify the effects of the site.
We now understand that the combination of sacred geometry, stone and their placement over strategic energetically-charged spots is capable of altering brainwave patterns. The purpose, as science now understands, was to lower the brainwave frequency from the regular 33 Hz, the normal waking state, down to 7.5 Hz, the dream state, the very same one generated by psychics during altered states of awareness.
In essence, therefore, these sites were used for people to reach higher states of awareness- a doorway to God, so to speak, hence why these sites were primarily places of invocation and veneration, and why they were later usurped by the controlling fanaticism of organized religion.

But these gateways were also used for another purpose. The harmonics of the sites are rich in frequencies, many correlating to sound overtones, and these frequencies ally with the body's regenerative system. In short, these sites could also be used for healing the human body.
Research into crop circles shows that the genuine ones exhibit the same patterns of energy as sacred sites: without exception, they are aligned upon node points and their physical boundaries are determined by the thickness of these local bands of energy. Additionally, crop circles contain electromagnetic frequencies similar to sacred sites. Not surprisingly, over 500 known cases exist describing healings and altered states of awareness inside crop circles.
To find out the energetic connection between crop circles and their healing potential, accurate pictograms were made of the designs and used in muscle testing. Muscle testing is a method where a patient's illness is diagnosed by pressing on strategic points or meridians along the body. With pressure applied to one outstretched arm, the patient will remain unable to resist pressure at any point along the meridian structure where energy is out of balance- much like an electrical wiring diagram that contains a blown fuse. When treatment is applied, sometimes in the form of a simple herb or vitamin rubbed over the affected part, a new muscle test will reveal the patient suddenly develops resistance in his arm. In case after case it was discovered that the mis-aligned body reacts to specificimages or pictograms of crop circles placed over the meridian points, as if the symbol connected a missing link in the patient's wiring harness. What's more the patient never saw the pictogram- the body simply reacted to the encoded geometry of the crop circle.
When radial lines of energy were found to be emitted from the centre of crop circles, the corresponding dowsing diagrams formed patterns not dissimilar to the small cards used in Radionic therapy (also called radiesthesia), particularly Dr. Malcolm Rae's system, which uses cards inserted into a small device that potentizes a bowl of water- pretty much in the same way as homeopathic remedies are made, through transference of energy, a technique that has now been shown not only to work, but is replicatable under laboratory conditions.
The next step was to simply replace the diagrams or cards with actual photos of crop circles. During trials, the crop circles images actually potentized the water in the bowls. The net effect was that administering the potentized water to patients' saw dramatic improvements in their conditions. It is now speculated that the crop circles are using energy frequencies similar to biological organisms, since the same technique and effect is found in flower remedies, such as the Flower Essences of Edward Bach. These Essences form the basis of one of the most successful holistic healing systems. It is based on the distillation of 38 plant varieties, each of which can be measured for vitality using a numerical count system developed by Bovis- for example, holly carries a count of 22,000 Bovis. The healthy human body typically measures 5500 counts, but certain crop circles contain as much as 44,000- an incredible source of healing energy. Others, such as the stunning pentagonal formation from Beckhampton (1998. below) have simply gone off the scale.

But there is more. Experiments combining radionics and orgone, essentially creating resonance therapy, have been on trial in Germany for over a decade, where heavily monitored experiments demonstrate its effectiveness in re-energizing dying eco-systems such as the Black Forest. The effective system of healing is government verified in Austria, particularly after it was used to clear negative energy from a pretty park in Salzburg. It was discovered later that the Nazis had committed atrocities in that park, and the residue of this energy had ingrained itself to the degree that local people would not visit the site, without knowing why.
Crop circles images can be used as informators, carrying the missing code that the ecosystem, or person, in treatment needs to revitalize the entire affected organism- like a computer requiring a new chip in order to boot the rest of the system.
The implications of these discoveries are obviously far-reaching. Crop circles, or the information carried within them, may one day be used as a simple, effective, and inexpensive method of healing.
We now begin to understand why the patterns are coded with such geometric precision, and why they have such a mesmerizing effect on the human psyche. Because they contain natural frequencies and are designed upon the same crystalline patterns as our very own cells, they are mirrors of our selves. They also begin to show us just why the ancients were so attached to practicing sacred geometry, why they encoded it into their building practices, and why Buddhist mandalas are said to effect the subconscious mind to such an effective degree. Crop circles are showing us an olden science, a natural science, and once again, it is accessible to all.
Text and images © Freddy Silva, except Salisbury diagram © Guy Underwood, and Chilbolton dowsing diagram (after Richard Andrews).

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